Investor Loans

If you are an investor in commercial real estate and are currently seeking financing you are finding that this is not 2005 and loans have become far more difficult to obtain. You also know that the return on your investment, unless it is an all cash purchase, is going to be highly dependent on the financing that you obtain. Additionally you have seen record bank failures, consolidations and buyouts accompanied by droves of bankers moving from one lender to the next, making it difficult to keep apprised of where the best lender and best bank are to fund you loan, quickly and efficiently.

Although lending has been opening up for the real estate investor we have seen underlying fundamentals of asset location and quality remain paramount to lenders’ underwriting and risk appetite. Additionally lenders are looking closely at the investor to determine their real estate experience, capital and management expertise. Interest rates spreads have once again become risk rated with A lenders no longer lending on C properties or to C borrowers.

Whether you are making a new acquisition, refinancing a balloon payment on an existing loan or looking to increase returns by taking advantage of lower interest rates you will want to know that after that loan funds and you are tied in with a prepayment penalty that you have made the right decision. You don’t want to find out that there are better loans with better lenders, you want to be confident that you obtained the best loan, give your specific circumstances, that you were able to achieve.

This makes finding the right lender for your specific situation challenging unless you have been keeping up to date with lenders’ dynamic underwriting guidelines or have significant time to invest in your loan process. It is even more difficult to navigate to a knowledgeable banker that can properly address your needs and underwrite your property for your benefit and not their own. We work for you, the client and not the bank. What we offer is access to the best bankers at the best lenders and will underwrite and position your loan for you and even manage multiple submissions of the same loan to various lenders in order to achieve the best rates and terms for your loan.