“We were referred to Matthew by our broker at CBRE for financing the acquisition of a new facility and were very happy with the results of his work which both exceeded our expectations and were obtained exactly as he detailed in our initial meeting. Matthew was able to bring multiple lenders to the table to compete for not just the real estate loan but for our entire banking relationship. Ultimately we were able to maintain our existing banking relationship and significantly reduce our borrowing cost on our Line of Credit while closing a new SBA 504 loan for the acquisition of a new facility. We feel that Matthew’s accounting and banking background were paramount to his ability to quickly understand our business, both its operations and finances and create a financing package that multiple lenders competed for. In this he has demonstrated a rare ability in a mortgage broker to add real value to the entire process, from start to finish, one that we will continue to pay dividends in interest savings for years to come. We would not hesitate to recommend Matthew to anyone with financing needs.”

Steve Uretsky, President | Daniel Uretsky, General Counsel


“We worked with Matthew for over a year as we searched for a building for our business operations. He kept us updated on rates and loan programs and would get pre-approvals for us to submit with offers on buildings which was helpful for our broker to use in securing a deal to buy our building. Ultimately Matthew did a very good job of discerning our needs, both now and in the future in order to find a loan program that was a good fit for us. We feel that he worked diligently to secure the best rates and terms out there for our needs and stayed involved to manage the process through closing. We would not hesitate to recommend a consultation with Vesa Commercial for your financing.”

John Terry


“The only person I trust to work with my commercial clients! I was introduced to Matthew while working on finding a long time client some apartment buildings for their portfolio and was immediately impressed with his professionalism, follow up and patience in working with our mutual client. Both the client and I were very happy with Matthew’s involvement in financing the deals. I continue to recommend him to my clients looking for loans for commercial properties.”

Cynde Bost


“Matthew Parrish was amazing at helping us with the loan on our office building in Los Angeles. He was incredibly attentive and able to make the deal easy to understand. Since then he has been a wonderful source of information about re-financing and other financial advice.”


| Conrad Denke, CEO

“I entered into a contract on a very good deal to acquire two adjoining office condominiums in Long Beach and our broker referred us to Matthew for financing. I had canvassed other sources for SBA financing on this purchase and I can honestly say that Matthew not only presented the best rates and terms but was able to deliver. The SBA loan process was lengthy and encountered a few issues along the way which lead to a longer closing process than anticipated however Matthew maintained his steady involvement, guiding the loan through closing by coordinating with the many parties involved. I recommend Matthew for any commercial real estate lending needs you may have.”

Saman Behnam, Esq


“We worked with Matt on the initial financing of a commercial property for our offices. Matt was consistently response in a timely fashion to any requests made for information and help. He performed all responsible duties as, or better than, expected. He was a key factor to our loan decisions and instrumental in making sure that everything was handled in a professional and efficient manner.”

Allan Charles, DDS


“If you need a loan on a commercial property (apartment building, shopping center, etc), Matt can pull off some miracles and managed to secure debt on some challenging properties that I sold last year. He will find multiple lending options and make the deal happen.”

Brent Sprenkle, Associate Partner


“I connected with Matthew while he was at Bank of America. My lender presented a loan approval to me with some unfavorable conditions and I was running out of time to close my on my commercial purchase. Matthew was miraculously able to get my loan approved, have an appraisal completed and loan docs drawn up for me in just 8 days so that I could make my closing. With that type of focus and attention to detail I would recommend Matthew for your consideration.”

Dennis P Block, esq


“Matthew originally financed our medical office building while at Bank of America about 5 years ago and was able to work out a loan without a pre-pay penalty which paid off recently when he brought a new program to us which would bring our rate down to 4.95% fully amortized on a 15 year loan. We had some challenges with title and vesting of our property that came up which Matthew was able to work around with the title company and the lender to ultimately get our loan funded out and we have been profiting from the savings sense. Matthew was both persistent and diligent in his efforts to see this refinance through and for that we would continue to recommend his services.”

David S Thoman, MD


“Matthew Parrish is a true professional. I have sent Matthew over 5 commercial loans in 2010 and I never never heard anything but great things from my clients. He is always punctual and professional. I know when I refer a client to Matthew I have nothing to worry about.”

Nathan Cater


“We were referred to Matthew by our Commercial Real Estate Broker who highly recommended his services to arrange financing for our building purchase. We were open to the meeting and decided to give Matthew the opportunity to perform. The most important aspect of the process was to have the entire loan and closing of escrow completed with minimal involvement on my part. I needed to trust that everything would run smoothly and everyone would perform as expected. Matthew demonstrated his experience and banking knowledge by coming through with not only an amazing loan program for us but also handling the closing of the loan by working with title, escrow, the lender, the SBA, the appraiser, the environmental company and my broker so that I didn’t have to get overly involved, even when a few issues came up. If you are a business owner and looking for someone you can trust to carry through your loan process so that you can continue to focus on your business operations I would highly recommend Matthew from Vesa Commercial.”

Al Anorga


“We have been working with Matthew for over 5 years and have utilized his services to complete over $30 million in financing transactions for both purchases and re-finances of apartments, retail and office buildings. He has additionally completed analysis for us on potential acquisitions and has been a good source of market information when it comes to financing or purchasing investment property in Los Angeles. His accounting background really shows through in his ability to analyze and understand a deal and put financing packages together for us. Our best testament is that we continue to use him as our go-to-source after all of these years. He has our ongoing recommendation.”

David Pourbaba


“Thank you for a job well done. Your tenacity and compulsivity regarding this loan project are truly noteworthy. I will not hesitate to consider your services for my next project. It is my fervent hope to add you to my team. Again, thank you for a job well done.”

Robert Brooks


“We were referred to Matthew by our residential loan broker as someone who could save us money on a small loan that we have on a retail property with a restaurant down in Los Angeles. Because our loan was small, less than $500,000, we were concerned about the costs involved. Matthew was very kind and proposed a few different programs after finding out what we were looking for. We selected a program which covered all of our costs for just 1% of the loan amount and Matthew worked with us and our two sons who are in San Francisco to coordinate all of the documents and signatures that he needed. It was very good to have Matthew working with everyone to put the loan together, he was very patient and made sure that we received everything as outlined. We would not hesitate to recommend his services!”

Sandra & Jordan Laby


“Matthew is a go getter. I was very impressed with him after our conversation. He immediately the next day drove in traffic from LA to Vista which is in San Diego to see the property himself & took pictures. He was able to put the deal together quickly and we funded very quickly after my client had originally applied with Wells Fargo who wasted time and over promised & under delivered.”

Sheila Alimadadian


“We have worked with Matthew for many years and have financed 2 of our buildings with him. He is a trusted source for information when we are looking into new financing and are happy to have him as an outside member of our team!”

Stephen Yun


“We have been a long term client of Matthew Parrish, originally securing a loan with him while he was at Bank of America over 5 years ago he has stayed in contact with us, keeping us apprised of what is going on in the lending world. Recently with our pre-payment penalty over and 15 years left on our loan he proved instrumental in working with us in securing approval to refinance our loan which on Matthew’s consultation we were able to utilize to secure a loan modification. Having placed our needs first Matthew has shown the utmost in integrity and ethics in advising us to take a loan modification offer from our lender where he would not profit. We value his knowledge of finance and have continued to seek his advice and refer him to our friends and colleagues.”

Karim Mojahedi


“Our first apartment purchase was made easy with the guiding hand of Vesa Commercial through the closing process. Matthew was referred to us by a very well established local real estate investor and we were very satisfied with his performance. He not only secured financing but worked with the agent and title and escrow to secure and review all of the necessary closing items. He really did help make the process easy and I recommend him to anyone looking for financing on commercial properties.”

nadir anayati


“Our broker, Chris Ehrlich from CBRE, was very persistent in getting Matthew in front of us however it was not until the 11th hour in our escrow when our bank told us that the SBA would not fund our loan and that we had to come in with 30% down that we agreed to meet with him. We were hesitant when he came in and told us that he would in fact get us approved with the SBA and offer better terms on the 1st TD to go with it. He took the time and effort to really understand our business and put a very detailed credit package together to explain the operations of our business to his lenders. Ultimately I think he was more concerned about maintaining his reputation and delivering on a promise than getting paid. He even worked with Wells Fargo, the SBA and escrow to coordinate signing of loan docs at the US Embassy in Guangzhou, China. In the end he delivered above our expectations and we were happy to pay for the services which allowed us to fund our purchase with just 10% down, we were even able to finance 100% of the cost of a warehouse rack system that we acquired with the purchase of our building.”

dickson liu, ceo


“Both my Financial Planner and Residential Mortgage Broker referred me to Matthew to lower payments on an apartment loan that I had. Matthew was able to deliver much more by consolidating the loans on two separate but adjoining parcels, one of which was a 4 unit building with a residential loan on it, the other a 6 unit apartment building, into a single, commercial apartment loan that also provided cash out at just 3.5%. I was very pleased with his diligence and follow through, especially with overseeing a few title and entity changes that had to be made prior to closing. I would highly recommend a consultation with him to see what he can do for you on your commercial loans!”

henry l ealy, jr